Damon is a dream for a partner. He has the ability to think conceptually about a product considering the user’s needs and to also get into the weeds of doing the actual work. Crucially, he cares about what he does, which translates into thoughtful designs.

I found him a pleasure to work with and trusted that whatever we were working on together he would deliver way more than I expected. I hope I get the chance to work with him again sometime soon.

VP, Program Management
Huge & Razorfish

I had the opportunity to work with Damon on one of my longer term projects. Like most projects, there were the ups, the downs and a few twists and turns. But unlike most projects that I’ve been on or led, Damon was one of the few members who could consistently deliver high quality work with finesse and professionalism despite all given circumstances. 

Time over time again, Damon demonstrated his mastery in concepting, design and presentation of ideas. Whenever he collaborated with other designers, Damon pushed the boundaries of ideas from brainstorm sessions and returned with new explorations that were fresh, comprehensive and well thought out. His thinking and attention to details clearly showed in his work.

On top of all that, Damon was a joy to work with. He was flexible, adaptive and always put the goal of the project first. I had a great time working with Damon, and I would love to have the opportunity to work him again in the near future.

Senior Director & O’Reilly Media Author
SmartThings, Jawbone & Fjord

Damon sets the gold standard for technical, strategic, and creative user experience design. We have tasked him with everything from complex enterprise level IA to highly creative front end explorations and he has turned out remarkable work every time.

Founder / President, The Science Project
Interim CEO, ShopStage

Damon and I worked together on a project to integrate PayPal with the B2C needs of a service provider overseas. It was a complicated, stealth project whose scope changed multiple times. 

Over the next 2 years we collaborated on a number of other projects in the Mobile division. What I liked most about Damon was his patience, calm demeanor, upbeat attitude and willingness to revise work based on feedback. Damon was a partner, who understood what I wanted and didn’t find it necessary to disagree with me on every point to protect his design. We had respect for one another and I enjoyed working with him.

Aside from our professional relationship, Damon is a great guy to be around, soft-spoken, enthusiastic, incredibly friendly and always with a smile. Really, such a pleasure to work with. 

Senior Product Manager
Amazon, Remitly & PayPal

Damon is both a great manager and a mentor with a true passion for design. It is rare to have a supervisor who can augment many years of artistic experience with up-to-date technical prowess, but Damon truly is in full command of both. Damon will provide his designers with knowledgeable critiques of their work, and can also get into the trenches beside them to push pixels and code to meet a deadline.

Because of Damon’s guidance, I was able to move into digital from a solely print background. He would certainly excel at any leadership role, let alone any design position.

Interactive Art Director
Dow Jones & Oppenheimer Funds 

I worked closely with Damon on a relaunch project for the Armani Exchange women’s denim line and cannot say enough about the experience in working with him. I approached Damon and his team about the idea of redesigning the in-store presentation for the denim line and immediately Damon was excited about the project and ready to dive right in.

We worked closely together for the next several months until we perfected our concept which ultimately was launched in all 75 stores resulting in a turnaround of the denim business. Above all, Damon is a visionary and an exceptional partner. He is creative and inventive, but also incredibly patient and easy-going. He truly cares about his work and the overall success of a project; anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

It is often that we need to work as teams in this business, but it is rare to find a partner and a leader like Damon.

Senior Director
Belstaff, Helmut Lang and Armani Exchange

Damon has an excellent work ethic and is exceptionally thorough in his design process. His openness to collaborate and team-player mindset makes him easy to work with, and most importantly, he is always willing to explore new approaches to design and push innovate ideas.

I consider Damon an excellent Design Lead for any team.

Senior Designer
Google [x]

It may sound antiquated, but the Master/Apprentice relationship is still the most important rite of passage for true professionals in any field. Master shoe makers, sword makers and chefs have always been measured by whom they apprenticed under.

I was lucky enough to have Damon take me under his wing and teach me all he knew about effective design and visual communication. The things I learned from him launched my career. Though I have since carved out my own place in the industry, the student still strives to best his master. 

UX Lead
Victoria’s Secret

Damon is a rarity in the creative world because he is an individual who is able to think about the aesthetic of a project as well as the functionality and strategy behind the message his designs are conveying. As a marketing manager at Armani Exchange, I worked with Damon on numerous projects that were executed across multiple marketing vehicles from online banners, emails and e-commerce designs to unique layouts for mobile devices, store window designs, microsites and store promotions.

He understands the way a message should be translated across various mediums and really thinks about the way a consumer will interpret that message at every point of reception. Damon would be an asset to any team because of his creative design abilities, but the skill that sets him apart are his strategic thinking and analysis.

Brand Manager & Business Development


Among his other notable skills is his keen ability to identify, evaluate, manage and ultimately develop creative talent under his direction. The 100% positive feedback my agency has received from the dozens of freelancers we have booked for Damon is a further testament to his overall value as a creative department director.

Talent Acquisition Manager
AOL, CBS & Artisan

I have had the pleasure of working with Damon off and on for over 10 years. Damon is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. He has always been someone I knew would not only unquestionably impress clients with his creative design talent but would also be a priceless, and valuable asset as a colleague and team member.

Working with someone like Damon makes my job easy and and look forward to continuing to partner with Damon throughout our careers.

Senior Recruitment Specialist
Unilever & Aquent

Damon is well versed in all aspects of design and fluidly adapts to every challenge that presents itself. His design aesthetics and work ethic, combined with his resourcefulness and strong leadership abilities make Damon a great Creative Director. 

While working with Damon at Armani Exchange, I have always been able to turn to him for advice, direction and creative feedback.

Interactive Art Director
Kenneth Cole

Damon is a fantastic designer who is a pleasure to work with. He understands translating simple ideas and wireframes into stunning visuals.  I worked with him on a high profile project where we collaborated to come up with different design concepts and solutions. Damon is a master in exploring multiple visual styles and variations which makes it easy to move fast in a project.

Besides his excellent visual design skills, Damon also has an eye for user experience challenges and masters both skills with ease. 

Senior Product Designer

I worked on Damon’s creative team at Armani Exchange. He is a gifted designer and an inspiring mentor. Working with him was an invaluable experience. He yields smart and elegant work, and whether its an html email or a website that is being designed, he always gives it the proper attention it deserves with a keen appreciation for detail. 

His door is always open and his patience and guidance makes for a positive work environment. He encouraged me to design beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone and his constructive feedback compelled me to work harder and smarter in creating innovative and cohesive solutions. He enjoys being hands-on and in every project that Damon led, there was always a genuine feeling of collaboration and teamwork.

Damon also has a great sense of humor which makes him a pleasure to be around.

Creative Director
Ovis Creative

Damon has a special knack to see and set the vision, push the boundaries and still deliver successful results in a timely manner. Even under short time frames Damon is not content at simply delivering a solution, but is driven to deliver exceptional user experiences. 

I worked with Damon on a highly visible project. Time and time again Damon would challenge the team to stretch existing thinking and extend it to the next level, often returning with new explorations to consider.

Damon always puts the needs of the user and project first. He is flexible and adaptive to ever changing business needs and goals. I had a great time working with Damon, and hope that continues.

Principal User Experience Architect
Red Moon Interactive

I have worked closely with Damon on various video and motion graphics projects for over two years. Together we created video content for a number of music, entertainment and retail brands. These include GQ, Elle, Tiesto, Dragonette, Armin Van Buuren, Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange. 

Damon is highly respected by the creative team for his strong leadership skills. He encourages us to move beyond our comfort zone and challenges us to bring new ideas to the table. His professional attitude and strong foundation in design and typography make him a great Creative Director to work with.

Senior Motion Designer
Giorgio Armani & Armani Exchange


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